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  • Q 17:What’s to be done when water is into the motor?

    A The winch should not be immersed in water (waterproof winch should not be soaked in water for a long time). If the winch immersions in water by accident, you should disconnect from battery, remove ground bolt on bottom of motor and drain, loose the earth screw, put the net water as soon as possible. And you should use the winch within 3 days, make the motor to work and not stop until hands can feel it hot, as it can rid of water vapor into the motor.
  • Q 18:What are potential causes of motor damage?

    Long–duration pulls, low battery and overloading winch pulling capacity are the possible causes that can damage motor and should be avoided.
  • Q 19:What if there was something wrong with the motor?

    The problems that are most likely to happen to motor are listed below. 
    No. 1: Motor does not turn on.
    First of all, find out where the motor problem is. Then you can fix the motor winch problems by replacing witch Assy, inserting switch Assy firmly to the connector, tightening nuts on cable connectors, taping solenoid to free contact, applying 12 volts to coil terminal directly, checking for voltage at armature port with switch pressed. If voltage is present, replace motor.         
    No. 2: Motor runs too hot.
    Long period of operation and insufficient battery will lead to the motor uncomfortably hot. If it happens, let winch cool down periodically and check battery terminal voltage under load. If 10 volts or less, replace or parallel another battery to it.
    No. 3: Motor runs slowly or without normal power
    When the motor with abnormally insufficient power, please check if vehicle battery runs down, current or voltage is sufficient and the connection condition. Then what we can do is to recharge battery by running vehicle’s engine, clean, tighten or replace the connector, and check battery cable for corrosion. 
    No. 4: Motor runs but cable drum does not turn
    That might because that clutch not engaged. You can fix it up by ensuring lever is completely in “Engaged” position.
  • Q 20:What can be done when you are confronted with the situation where winch runs

    This problem comes up probably because of stuck solenoid or defective switch Assy. For the former, taping solenoid to free contacts, repairing or replacing solenoid can help. For the latter, it’s workable to replace switch Assy.
  • Q 21:How about the winch not holding load?

    There are two common possibilities for winch not holding load. One is excessive load, the other is worn or damaged brake. Reducing load or doubling line can work when it comes to excessive load. And for worn or damaged brake, just repair or replace it.




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