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How to Use the Electric Off Road Winch

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1.What is electric off road winch

As the saying goes, "No winch, no off-road." The electric off road winch is a traction device driven by the car's own electrical system, is currently the most common type of winch application. When the vehicle in the field of snow, mud, desert, swamp and other harsh environments in a difficult situation, is the vehicle for self-rescue or field rescue effective tools, can help the vehicle smoothly out of danger, can also be used to challenge more difficult terrain, usually can also be used for clearing, towing and other road work. It can be installed on different equipment such as off-road vehicles, cars, agricultural vehicles, ships and yachts, etc. It is an essential safety device in oil, hydrology, forestry, transportation, border defense and field sports.

2.The advantages and disadvantages of electric off road winch

The advantage of the electric off road winch is that it can use the electricity of the car battery to produce a great pulling force to help the vehicle out of trouble, can be used normally when the car is off, especially in the flooded environment has a great advantage. This product is very simple to install, but also can achieve multi-position installation, while the disadvantage is that the power consumption is huge, can not maintain a long time use, the driving force is small, the motor is easy to heat up, only one direction of traction activities.

3.The composition of electric off road winch

Mainly by the series excitation motor, less gear difference planetary gear (reducer), steel cable rope (or Dyneema rope), wired control handle (or wireless), control box, rescue hook, rope guide, winch black beetle, pulley set and other components together. In addition, auxiliary supplies are also essential, such as protective gloves, holding tree belt, cable flag, U-shaped lugs and so on. 

4.Precautions In the Use of Electric Off Road Winch

First of all, the electric off road winch is often used in the field, so by mud, water, oil pollution is a relatively common thing, so after returning home should be disassembled maintenance, check the gears, carefully cleaned and replaced with grease and properly stored to avoid rust and corrosion. Try to wear protective gloves when operating to prevent hand injury due to operation errors. In addition, in order to prevent the steel cable from pulling off and sweeping under tension and injuring other people and cars, other people should stay away to a certain safe area before the actual operation.

Electric Off Road Winch

In addition,  pay attention to not all put the line,  it should be reserved for about 5 turns (or red line position), in case the load is too large to cause the cable off; tighten the cable should be tightened when closing the cable, control the recycler for slow recovery, so that the cable is neatly placed on the black bean drum, keep the collection of rope regular to avoid chaotic winding. In addition, overload and long working hours on the motor is fatal, try to reduce the long operation of the electric off road winch, if necessary, the use of pulley sets to increase traction; to prevent overheating relay burn, but also to prevent the car battery overload, the impact on the battery life.





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