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Best Electric Winch

  • E12500S


Genuine revolutionary innovation waterproof winches completely sealed heavy duty pulling, really perfect winch for serious off-roader. Suit for heavy trucks , suvs and jeeps. 
  All sealed high performance motor delivers superior torque output and faster line speed.
  The brand new heavy – duty sealed contactor with silver alloy contacts allows higher duty cycle.
  ZHME patented oil seals with double lips fixed on drum supports for waterproof.
●  Automatic full load brake.
  Oversized tie rods strut for maximum strength. Laser your logos freely.
  Aluminum alloy clutch lever makes the operation easily.
  Revolutionary 3-stage Planetary Gear System for ultimate strength and quiet operation. Different gear ratio for options.
  Steel bushing prevents the gear box cover from grinding by end of driven shaft.
  Knurled drum special for synthetic rope.
●  IP68


oil seals.jpg


Rated line pull: 12500lbs (5670kgs)single line
Motor: Series wound 6.0hp/4.4kw,12V DC8.1hp/6.0kw,24V DC
Gear train: 3stage planetary
Gear ratio: 262.:1
Clutch: Sliding ring gear
Braking action: Automatic in the durm
Fairlead: Aluminum hawse fairlead 
Synthetic rope: ø11mm×24m
Durm size: (63.5mm×223mm)
Dimensions: (574mm×170mm×198mm)
Mounting bolt pattern: 10"×4.5"(254mm×114.3mm)
Battery: 650 CCA minimum for winching 25 square mm,72"(1.83m)
N.W: 68lbs(31kgs)
Packing: 620mm×200mm×390mm(400pcs 20'container)
Line speed and motor current (first layer)
Line pull Lbs 0 2000 4000 8000 10000 12500
Kgs 0 907 1814 3629 4536 5670
Line speed FPM 25.6 12.5 8.9 7.3 6.4 6
MPM 7.8 3.8 2.72 2.24 1.96 1.8
Motor current Amps 65 100 130 200 250 290
Line pull and cable capacity
Layer of cable   1 2 3 4    
Rated line pull per layer Lbs 12500 10750 9460 8040    
Kgs 5670 4876 4290 3647    
Cable capacity per layer Ft. 15.7 36.4 61.3 78.7    
M 4.8 11.1 18.7 24