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Electric Off Road Truck Winch on Sale

  • WS 8500

  • WS8500



Driving off the beaten path is a fun hobby for many Jeep owners. These vehicles are designed to take you nearly anywhere and can tackle almost anything. However, offroading can be risky, and you can end up getting stuck or encountering a hurdle you can’t overcome without some assistance. With the best Jeep winch, you can beat a difficult challenge and pull yourself free from the muck. 

Benefits of Electric Truck Winch on Sale

Pull heavy objects. If you do a lot of off-roading, a winch is especially useful. They excel at pulling heavy objects with ease. This can help with loading or unloading a vehicle onto a trailer or pulling it free from mud, sand, or water. With a winch, you can free your Jeep from nearly any situation.

Add extra power. While you could use any other off-road vehicle to free a stuck or trapped one, using a winch is easier. They add more power, torque, and leverage, allowing you to pull free from whatever it is you need to get out of.

Improved maneuverability. One of the best features of a Jeep winch is its ability to be moved around. Many do not have to be tied down to the vehicle to work. If you need to attach the cable to something, you can move the winch close to it. Without a winch, you would need to get another vehicle and attach a tether to it to free whatever is trapped.

Reduce vehicle damage. Attaching a towline or cable from one vehicle to another can be damaging to either vehicle. While many vehicles do have areas you can properly attach a line, many do not. Hooking up a line to a vehicle improperly and using it to pull something can cause severe damage. Using a winch reduces the possibility of harming your vehicle or someone else's.

Types of Jeep Winches


A hydraulic winch works when you connect it directly to the Jeep’s power steering system. This gives it more heavy-duty pulling power and extends how long it will last. However, this also makes this type of winch more expensive.


Electric winches are the more common of the two. They are powered by your vehicle’s battery. This gives them a limited amount of power and takes away more juice from your vehicle while in use. However, they are more convenient to use since the Jeep does not have to be running to operate it.

Key Features


This is by far one of the most important factors of owning a winch. Knowing how much weight you intend to pull is vital when it comes to choosing a winch. All of them are rated to pull different weights, and attaching the cable to something too heavy for the winch can be damaging to your vehicle, the object it is pulling, and you. Double-check the amount of weight the winch is rated for before engaging it.


This all depends on how often you think you will need the winch or in what manners you will use it. The most powerful winches are attached to the Jeep directly and permanently. The most common location is on the front bumper. You can sacrifice power for more mobility by getting smaller winches to carry around.


You can opt for an electric winch or hydraulic one (the differences are outlined above). If it is electric, you will want to make sure you have a large enough battery to power the winch and still give you enough juice to function everything else properly. The upside to a hydraulic one is it is more powerful, but the downside is it can only be used when the vehicle is on. Knowing how and where you will be using a winch will help you decide which type to get.

Other Considerations

Cabling: There are two cable types associated with winches: steel and synthetic rope. While steel is considered very strong and durable, that makes it heavier. It can also rust over time, making it more dangerous to handle. Synthetic rope is lighter but doesn’t sacrifice power. It is also safer to use, loses tension more quickly than steel, and is much easier to handle.

Control: Many winches come fit with their own remote control to operate them from a safe distance.

Safety: Always practice safety when using any sort of winch. Winches come with their own list of safety features and guidelines, so keep track of them in order to operate them efficiently and safely.





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