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Buying guide: 5 steps to choose the best electric winch

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What is a winch?

A winch is a device used on a vehicle, commonly found in construction vehicles such as off-road vehicles, tractors, and cranes. It is usually powered electrically or hydraulically and is used to lift, tow or tow heavy loads. Vehicle-mounted winch has the characteristics of compact structure, strong carrying capacity and reliable performance.

Electric winch

Electric winch

A winch usually consists of a drum, a wire rope, an electric or hydraulic drive system, and a control system. The drum is the core part of the winch, which transmits the force to the target object through the wire rope. Electric winches use electric motors to provide power, while hydraulic winches use hydraulics to drive. The control system allows the user to control the operation of the winch, including controlling the speed and direction of winding and releasing the wire rope.

3 steps to help you choose the most suitable winch:

1. Know Your Vehicle's Weight and Winch Purpose

It is important to choose the right winch based on the weight of your vehicle, here are some summaries and guidelines:

ATV (All Terrain Vehicle):

  • It is generally recommended to choose a winch between 2000 lbs and 3500 lbs.

  • For general use, a 2500-pound winch is the best choice.

  • Consider a 3,000-pound to 3,500-pound winch if you frequently drive in deep mud.

UTV (side-by-side vehicle):

  • Due to the heavier weight, a winch with greater pulling capacity is required, ranging from 3000 lbs to 6000 lbs.

  • For general riding with two people side by side, a 3500-pound to 4000-pound winch is recommended.

  • If you like riding in mud, consider a 4500-pound to 6000-pound winch.

  • A 4000-pound to 4500-pound winch is recommended for vehicles with four to six side-by-side seats, and a 5000-pound to 6000-pound winch for everyday riding.

Gross Vehicle Weight Class:

  • Knowing your vehicle's gross weight class is important.

  • The general idea is to multiply the vehicle weight by 1.5 to get the minimum pull rated capacity.

  • For example, for a 1500 lb vehicle, the minimum pull rating capacity is 1500 lbs x 1.5 = 2250 lbs.

Be aware of the following:

  • The 1500-pound capacity winch is suitable for quads up to 300cc.

  • The capacity of the winch will be affected by the length of cable wound on the drum. In general, the capacity of the winch will be lost by an average of 10% for each additional layer of cable.

  • When selecting a winch, make sure that the selected winch has sufficient capacity, taking into account the vehicle, driver and possible additional resistance.

  • Try to find the attachment point as far away from the vehicle as possible so that the winch can do its best work.

Please note that the above summary and guidelines are for informational purposes only, the actual winch selection should take into account the vehicle manufacturer's recommendations and specific circumstances.

2.Consider the type of Rope

There are two different types of winch rope: steel wire rope and synthetic rope. The wire rope is made of aviation-grade galvanized steel for durability and corrosion resistance. However, when using wire rope, be aware that its sharp edges can cause hand injuries.

Synthetic Rope

Synthetic Rope

Synthetic rope is made of a polymer material that is lighter than steel cord and has a higher tensile strength (typically 25% to 40% stronger than steel cord). However, the sharp edges of synthetic ropes tend to fray, especially when traversing abrasive surfaces. Therefore, when changing the steel wire rope to a synthetic rope, care should be taken to replace the fairlead to avoid damage to the new rope.

Wire Rope

Wire Rope

When selecting a winch rope, the following factors should be considered:

  • Usage scenario: If utility work is required, such as moving logs or hay bales, it is recommended to choose steel wire rope because of its high durability.

  • Tensile Strength Requirements: If higher tensile strength is required, synthetic rope is a better choice as it is 25% to 40% stronger than steel wire rope.

  • Environmental conditions: If used on rocks or other abrasive surfaces, the strength of synthetic ropes will be compromised, so steel wire ropes may be more suitable.

  • Cost considerations: Synthetic ropes are lighter and more durable, but more expensive, while steel ropes are relatively inexpensive.

Overall, synthetic rope is a better choice for most applications because it has a higher tensile strength, is lighter, less prone to burrs, and is relatively easy to handle. However, in certain environments or where greater durability is required, a wire rope may be a more suitable choice.

3.Choose a reliable manufacturer

Choosing a reliable manufacturer is very important when choosing a winch (winch), mainly for the following reasons:

Quality Assurance: Reliable manufacturers usually have strict quality control and production standards. After years of experience and technology accumulation, they can provide high-quality, reliable and durable winch products. This means you can trust this manufacturer's products for consistent performance and reliability.

Safety: A winch is a device used for hoisting, hauling and towing. Using low-quality or unreliable winches can lead to accidents and damage to personal safety and property. Reliable manufacturers usually carry out rigorous product testing and verification to ensure that their products meet safety standards and perform properly under various operating conditions.

Technical support and after-sales service: Choosing a reliable manufacturer can also get good technical support and after-sales service. They usually have a professional technical team that can provide users with services such as answering questions, installation guidance, and maintenance support. This ensures that you get timely help and support when using the winch, increasing work efficiency and reducing the risk of failure.

Available models and customization capabilities: Reliable manufacturers often offer a variety of models and configuration options to meet the needs of different users. They may also have customization capabilities, designing and producing winches to specific requirements. This way, you can choose the winch that best suits your job needs and ensure your specific requirements are met.

Aftermarket Warranty: Reliable manufacturers usually offer good aftermarket warranty policies. If there is a problem or repair is required during use, they will provide you with corresponding warranty services, including replacement parts, repair or replacement equipment, etc. This will bring you extra peace of mind and cost savings.

Our Winch

Zhme has a long history of winch manufacturing. The factory was established in 1995. It has successively produced OEM for world-renowned brands and successfully launched the company's own full range of electric winches from 2000 lbs to 20000 lbs. Among them, mainly Enter level P, W, A series and PERFORMANCE series X, E and MAN series. Zhme has further deepened its professional market, and successively launched hydraulic winch and Pulling tool T1000. AI HOIST, Chain winch, successfully launched the dual motor winch F12000 in 2015, and the rear brake winch participated in the SEMA SHOW that year and won the best new product award. The pulling tool T1000 launched in 2018 has been well received by customers. In 2023, Zhme will launch a new generation of electromagnetic clutch winch DFL. AI HOIST.

Our Winch

Our manufacturing plant has state-of-the-art assembly lines, together with in-house precision die-casting, CNC machining, heat treatment, polishing, high-pressure cleaning and finishing facilities. We also have the most advanced, fully-automated intelligent electric motor and winch testing facilities in the winch industry, to ensure the very highest standards of product reliability and durability. We set up motor work shop at 2009, which strength our cost control ability. And we have established a complete ISO 9001 Quality control system.

The unique IP68 waterproof design of ZHME's winch adopts double-lip oil seal technology to waterproof and has a high degree of airtightness, which can effectively prevent external substances such as moisture, dust, and mud from entering its interior. This allows it to operate normally in harsh environments, such as deep water, muddy off-road sites, etc. Whether in waters such as rivers, lakes or oceans, ZHME's waterproof winches are up to the task, ensuring that the vehicle can get out of trouble or complete other tasks smoothly.

Zhme has been deeply involved in the field of winches for more than 20 years. It has a strong production base and strong research and development capabilities. At present, it has more than 100 patents. The company sincerely invites you to take root in the market and provide consumers with high-quality products and services.





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