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Introduction of an electric winch equipped with a newly developed motor

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What is an electric power winch?

An electric winch is a vehicle-mounted device that is used to tow, tow, or tackle a difficult situation in an emergency. It usually consists of an electric motor, a gear system and a rope.

The main function of the electric winch is to assist the vehicle to move or rescue other vehicles in difficult terrain or conditions. It can effectively pull the vehicle out of mud, sand, steep slopes or other impassable places. At the same time, it is also a very useful tool in off-road adventures or wild camping, which can help to install tents, carry heavy objects, etc.

ZHME X Series Electric Powered Winch

ZHME X Series Electric Powered Winch

Electric winches are widely used in off-road vehicles, pickup trucks, SUVs, and Jeeps. Vehicle weight, required pulling force, line speed and other specific requirements need to be considered when selecting a suitable winch. An electric winch is a powerful device that provides convenience and safety, making the vehicle more agile and reliable in various situations.

A winch usually consists of a drum, a wire rope, an electric or hydraulic drive system, and a control system. The drum is the core part of the winch, which transmits the force to the target object through the wire rope. Electric winches use electric motors to provide power, while hydraulic winches use hydraulics to drive. The control system allows the user to control the operation of the winch, including controlling the speed and direction of winding and releasing the wire rope.

Importance of Electric Winch Motors

Let's talk about electric motors: The motor is an important component of the electric winch and plays a role in regulating its running speed. Copper has the advantages of good electrical conductivity, large carrying capacity, and high temperature resistance. Electric winch motors mostly use pure copper wire motors.

They are made of pure copper wire with strong magnetic sensitivity and high melting point as the main base material, which can provide powerful power to the electric winch. Pure copper wire motors are the mainstream products in China's motor market, which provides favorable conditions for the development of China's electric winch industry.

There are two basic types of DC motors used for electric winches. The first type is a Permanent Magnet Motor and the second type is a Series Wound Motor. The Most Winch uses a series wound motor for heavy duty winching. The Recovery Winch uses a series wound motor for heavy duty winching.

Permanent Magnet Winch Motors

With a permanent magnet motor, the drain on your battery is less than a series wound motor, but they also generate more heat than series wound, so there’s a greater chance that your winch motor will overheat.

Because of this tendency to overheat under heavy loads, the permanent magnet motor is best suited for light to medium duty winching. For Jeep and truck winches, light to medium duty is generally regarded as pulls up to 9500 pounds.

You can compensate for this tendency to overheat by taking frequent breaks during the winching process to let the motor cool down. The heavier the load and the longer the pull, the more breaks you'll need to take.

Series Wound Winch Motors

Series wound motors–such as those used in the Silverback Winches and Midnight Recovery Winches–are designed for heavy duty winching. They are powerful and efficient at high speeds. A permanent magnet motor uses less amp draw than a series wound motor; however, as the permanent magnet motor heats up, the power will drop as the amp draw increases.

With a series wound motor, on the other hand, the amp draw will stay the same throughout the pull. Keep in mind that winches with series wound motors tend to cost more than winches with permanent magnet motors.

A Note About Horsepower

The higher the horsepower, the more torque and power that the winch motor will have. Horsepower directly affects line speed and pulling power.

A Note About Amp Draw

The max amp draw for a winch motor is typically around 400. Higher amps than that would damage the battery or power source. To lower the amps, the gear ratio must be increased. This reduces the amp draw on the motor, but unfortunately it also reduces the line speed, making for a slower winching process.

For heavy rigs, series wound motors are your best bet. They handle heavy loads and longer pulls with ease. The vast majority of truck and Jeep winches on the market today are series wound winches.

ZHME's New High efficient 5 inch motor

With the development of the winch industry and the strengthening of individual requirements of end users, more and more emphasis is placed on increasing motor power.

Most traditional motors are 4.5 inches. In order to increase power, the common approach is just to lengthen the rotor, which leads to a decrease in efficiency. After extensive testing, Zhme successfully developed a 5-inch battery. While increasing the motor power, the working efficiency of the motor is increased by 10%.


According to customer needs, we will gradually match this new motor to winches such as the E series, DFL series, etc.

ZHME E Series Electric Powered Winch

ZHME E Series Electric Powered Winch

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